It’s fair to say that the term ‘luxury’ means different things to different people, based on our individual perspective and experiences. Our homes are our castles, and a well thought out design that is rich in detail and functionality makes all the difference. Paying attention to details when it comes to decorating schemes, alternative materials, sculptural furniture and clever lighting can make your home one that is high end.


Invest in Flooring

The flooring in any room is often a large expanse of the space, but its impact is often overlooked; and we opt for a cream carpet. Granted, a cream carpet is easy to pair with various colour schemes, but it’s an easy option.

For real luxury, natural stone such as limestone or even marble can give a feeling of grandeur and make the room feel more spacious – as well as being timeless classics. For wooden floors, parquet flooring or traditional real wood flooring can make a far bigger impact than laminate and of course, polished concrete is a popular modern alternative.

It’s worth considering installing underfloor heating when replacing the flooring in your home too, may of our customers choose to have this option when their orangery or conservatory is being installed.


Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often a place we go to at the end of the day when we want to relax and rejuvenate. So upgrading them to bring a spa experience makes good sense! Elegant and glamorous bathrooms are easy to create, and it’s all about keeping the room simplistic.

Again, natural stone works well in bathrooms, but there are affordable ceramic tiles that replicate marble and natural stone that achieve the same look as the real thing. Don’t leave the material to wall and floors either, think about your basin and bath when it comes to alternative materials and looks.

Opting for a rain shower head can make all the difference; and what’s more you can even upgrade it further for a sensory shower that allows you to adjust the flow of the water to replicate your favourite rain (soft mist/tropical rain/summer rain) whilst enveloping you in a matching fragrance and appropriate light. There seems to be no limits to the spa-like experience that can be felt at home with companies such as Dornbracht.


Pay Attention to Lighting

When we think about luxury with regards to lighting, many of us head straight for the traditional chandelier. And while this art deco trend will never be out of style thanks to its modern evolutions, there are other ways that you can add subtle luxury.

Great lighting can transform a home, enhancing architecture and putting a focus on any art or memories that may adorn your walls. Rather than using one light in a room, you can wash a wall in light, drawing your eye to that area and adding to the atmosphere, or put uplighters behind statement pieces of furniture to showcase it while the room is illuminated. The same effect can be created on shelves, and has particular impact on recessed shelves.

Dot around floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps for an ambient glow and look for those with dimmer switches for extra control over the mood.


Add Texture

Add texture within your home using an array of accessories. There are materials for soft furnishings that are always going to effortlessly provide opulence, and they include velvet, silk and chenille; layering cushions and throws on chairs and sofas instantly makes a room more luxurious. Changing up the colours to reflect the season and the colours that are suited can help too; rich dark hues for autumn and winter, and bright invigorating shades for spring and summer.

Large rugs are indulgent – plain or pattern options both work, but they need to be large enough to make a statement in the room.

When it comes to accessories, keeping a theme throughout the home can bring the entire space together. For instance, using the same frames for wall mounted photos and pictures in your home and another colour for stand-up frames. Chrome and brushed steel light switches and plug sockets make all the difference too.

Ensure you add greenery to your home wherever you can. Freshly cut or high-end faux silk flowers, floor standing palms, succulents, flowering plants……the options really are endless, but you will be surprised at the impact a little greenery can have on a home.

Large plants, particularly ones that climb can completely transform an addition such as a garden room, and we have even completed entire builds around these types of plants – it gives a whole new dimension to bringing the outdoors, indoors.


Integrated Options

A seamless, integrated home is the epitome of luxury – convenience is surely a luxury in itself. Elements such as integrated coffee machines and hot water taps will be welcomed in almost any home, and appliances that are integrated create a sleek, functional home. Bespoke kitchens can now even include worktops with wireless charging!

Moving out of the kitchen into the rest of the home think about an integrated sound system that incorporates all of the rooms. Who doesn’t want the option of  classical in the kitchen and rainforest sounds in the bath – even relaxing sounds of the ocean in the bedroom…..the possibilities are endless.


Obviously ‘luxury’ is in the eye of the beholder and it represents different things to us as individuals. It doesn’t need to be the cost or brand name, at Auburn Hill we pride ourselves on the workmanship that we put into every build and for us, this attention to detail and quality of finish represents luxury. Creating a high-end feel to your home is an investment and one that we can aid you in creating with our bespoke home additions.