How to Make the Most of Large Rooms

We all (secretly or not) yearn to live in a larger space; whether it’s because we have amassed a family’s worth of items that need a home larger than the current one, or you are pining for a little more luxury in the way of high ceilings and vacuous rooms. Either way, when the time […]

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Interior Style Tips from the Experts

There is no denying that a new edition such as an orangery or conservatory can have a huge impact on any home. Generally adding more space and light, they add an element of luxury to every property they are bestowed upon.

Since the very day you made the decision to add value to your home this […]

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How Much Value Does a Conservatory Add to My Property?

There are a range of reasons that people decide to make home improvements; to make it more suited to their style or lifestyle, to accommodate an expanding family or to add value to an existing property.

With the housing market being one that is renowned for being volatile, it’s only right that you should weigh up […]

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Famous Orangeries and Conservatories around the World

When extending your home, an orangery is the perfect choice to provide you with your own sanctuary to relax and unwind in, entertain guests or simply a much needed extension on your current property. Whatever your reason is for adding an orangery to your home it’s likely to be an addition that will become one […]

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How to Make the Most of your Conservatory during Winter

When you think of a conservatory you probably associate them with the warm spring and summer months where we can bask in the glowing sunlight in the comfort of our own home in a little slice of paradise. We’re frequently asked whether a conservatory is suitable for use in winter, but there’s no need to […]

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Common Orangery Questions

When you’re planning to extend your home it’s natural that you may have some questions to ask. From the obvious to the not so obvious questions it’s important to ensure you know all there is to know about orangeries before you start to build your luxury extension.

At Auburn Hill we pride ourselves on our knowledge […]

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Our Favourite Conservatory Designs

We’ve completed many projects in our time that have held a place in our heart for either their stories or their incredible architectural form.

For some of you a conservatory may be that additional bit of space you’ve been needing for a while, but then there will always be some who’ve either got a vision for […]

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The Barnsdale Lodge Project

Last year we took on an exciting project to create a bespoke garden room at Barnsdale Lodge in Oakham. Barnsdale Lodge, were looking to extend their current lounge area and increase the space available within the hotel and restaurant. As orangeries make the perfect modern extensions, we were selected to create a sophisticated extension to […]

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Why Orangeries Make Perfect Modern House Extensions

If you’re looking to extend your home you may be overwhelmed at the choice of architectural adaptations that can enhance your property. Modern homes provide a blank canvas on which you can adorn your own personal style, and with many new build developments now being created in desirable rural locations, an orangery is the ideal […]

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How to Find Your Perfect Orangery Design

So you have made the decision to add some extra space to your home, now comes the fun – looking for design inspiration! There are so many places that will provide direction when it comes to the design and style of your orangery, the most important point to consider is – How you would like […]

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