Ideas for Your Orangery Interior

A substantial investment to your home, your new orangery needs the same care and attention on the inside as it was given on the outside, so read on to discover some ideas on how to make your orangery a beautiful and practical living space.


Bold furniture that creates a statement such as scrubbed oak dining table, […]

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How Much Will My Orangery Cost?

When compared to a conservatory of a similar size, the orangery will always surpass in the cost stakes, it’s a big purchase with big rewards but isn’t a decision to be made lightly.

The key piece of information to remember when you are considering an orangery, is that it is an entirely bespoke piece of architecture. […]

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What Is The Difference Between A Conservatory & An Orangery?

If you’re not quite sure of the key differences between a conservatory and an orangery (or, in all honesty, what an orangery actually is…) we’ve nailed down the key points for you to ensure you’re up on your knowledge and able to make the right design decisions for your home.
What Is An Orangery?
This is actually […]

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What is an Orangery?

In the modern world of home improvement we often get asked about the history that sits behind the Orangeries that we build.

Steeped in architectural heritage an Orangery can bring an element of grandeur to any room that you desire, and can work as a fluent escape between the house and the world outside. So it’s […]

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The Top 5 Alternative Uses For An Orangery

Here at Auburn Hill we are well aware of the variety of different uses people have for their orangeries. Naturally, with all our designs being bespoke, we’re the first people to truly say that no two orangeries are alike. Not only is this down to the design of the extension itself, but also the array of uses they have.

Many choose to keep the orangery as a lounge area, but there are so many other uses to think about. Here are our top 5 alternatives:


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Must Have Items For Your Conservatory

With the new year approaching, we often start thinking about adding new possible furniture additions around the home. Of course the Boxing Day and New Year sales offer the perfect opportunity to find some real bargains.Your conservatory is one of the ideal rooms for some fresh decoration. Read on to find out about Auburn Hill’s 10 must-have bits of furniture for your conservatory.


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Thinking Ahead: The Best Time To Buy a New Orangery

As the year comes to and end we often look forwards toward the next 12 months to plan what our next ventures may be.

For some, these plans might involve a long trip away somewhere, or perhaps a new job is on the horizon. For others, there could be a much needed home extension project due to start. If this latter scenario is the case for you, be sure to read on…


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Enjoying The Outside From Inside Your Orangery

One of the advantages of an orangery is that you can enjoy the outside from the comfort of being indoors. An orangery brings you into the garden by extending your home with a space full of natural light.

This article offers a few suggestions on how an orangery does more than simply extend your interior space.


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5 Reasons your Home Deserves a Bespoke Conservatory

Conservatories have long enjoyed popularity across the European continent. Even now, in 21st century Britain they continue to offer homes a space full of natural light in which to dine or simply find some peace and quiet.Here we suggest five reasons why a tailor-made conservatory may be the right choice for your home.


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Buying a Conservatory in 5 Easy Steps

Unlike many all-brick extensions, investing in a conservatory can be relatively easy. Conservatory design has become so flexible that there is always the option to have a more individualised ‘bespoke’ design. This article will take a brief look at how the process of buying a conservatory can be easily understood in five straightforward steps.


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