Conservatories Vs Orangeries – Which Side are You On?

If you are planning to extend your home, then one of the first thoughts is whether to choose an extension made of conventional brickwork, or to go for an option that would offer more natural light. A brickwork extension will most likely darken the space, so for this reason most people ultimately go for a conservatory or an orangery, which provides more natural light. Yet this still leaves a puzzling choice, particularly as the distinction between the two isn’t so clear to most people. So let’s take a brief look at these two great extensions, explaining the differences and hopefully offering a little help with your decision.


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How an Oak Orangery can Complement a Listed Building

Purchasing a listed building is an investment not only in the property itself but also in the heritage of our country. Such a decision reflects the owner’s commitment to this heritage, so when it comes to extending the property, it’s crucial to give it a lot of thought and consideration. Listed buildings are rightly protected with stronger regulations when it comes to building alterations, which can make the design and planning stage a little more complex than a modern home. So, let’s take a brief look at what is involved in the process and explore the benefits of extending a listed building with a hardwood orangery made of oak. 



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Get Inspired By Europe’s Finest Orangeries and Conservatories

When looking to extend your home with orangeries and conservatories, it can be helpful to first gather a little inspiration for the design you hope to create.

The finest examples from across Europe may be somewhat outside the budget that most of us have, but they are certainly useful for helping generate some ideas to spark some creative thinking.Here are several of the most stunning orangeries from both across the continent and at home in Britain.


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Seven Signs You May Need an Orangery

Orangeries reach back to the 17th century, yet they also represent a thoroughly modern trend. But how do you know if they’re right for you and your home? We’re going to take a look at the most common signs that an orangery could help improve your home and lifestyle.



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5 Things You Have To Know Before Buying an Orangery: Prices, Style & More

Perhaps the most significant consideration when choosing to extend your home is the cost it will entail. There are many additional options, such as underfloor heating or specialist glazing which will add to the cost of the core options that involve the necessary terms of space and materials.

This article will explore the different price considerations in extending your home with an orangery.


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