Aluminium Pool House

Project Budget: circa £109,000

Dimensions: 6.5m x 10.2m

As well as orangeries and conservatories, we also build specialist structures such as pool houses. Our team of designer and architects understand the unique nature of a building like this, and the structural and design requirements of them.


The client initially had a hardwood pool house after a refurbishment of their country house fifteen years ago. However, the timber began to rot and so the pool house needed another facelift to help it last for many years to come.

Working with our design consultants and architects, we agreed with a client that a new structure was needed that was hard wearing yet provided a beautiful housing for their swimming pool. It was clear that hardwood was not his preferred choice, and so we demonstrated the benefits of an aluminium structure in a swimming pool environment.

Not only did we build the structure, we wanted to ensure that the client found the indoor swimming pool easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis. We considered every element – the ventilation was operated electrically by four double roof vents, thermostatic controls and a rain sensor. All of this could be operated automatically, or manually should the client want more control. In order to allow easy access to the rest of the house, we also installed a set of French doors.

With such a substantial property we knew it was very important to consider security. All the doors and windows were fitted with a high security multi-locking system. We also made sure all the glazing was robust by choosing double glazed toughened safety glass.

Sometimes, it’s the smaller details that make all the difference. During the design process, a portal frame was suggested as part of the roof structure. This feature was something that the client loved, and because we have our own structural engineers, we were able to justify this design feature so it worked aesthetically, but more importantly structurally.

Not only did we oversee design and build, we also took care of the old structure by disassembling and remove it completely from the site.

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