Samsung Head Office Orangery

Samsung Head Office Orangery

Commercial properties can easily become outdated and overcrowded as the business outgrows its residence, but rather than opt for a costly relocation, extending the property can enhance the existing environment and provide a more comfortable space for everyone working there.

As clearly demonstrated in our ‘Who We’ve Worked For’ portfolio, our expertise are not just resigned to residential properties.

Our most recent project with technology giants Samsung, was a detailed brief to enhance the new canteen and catering area for current staff in their national head office, used by over 1000 people on a daily basis.

The design was incorporated to be aesthetically pleasing against the current buildings structure, a modern office space that stood against an industrial background, therefore to stay in keeping with the contemporary style we fitted a double lantern design with folding sliding doors in aluminium, a popular material for commercial properties thanks to strength and adaptability.

Large commercial developments such as this have to be carefully planned to ensure that every consideration is met. Specialist steel supports created the skeleton of the building and eco-friendly glulam beams provided a portal to the structure.

The orangery we’ve installed is maintenance free and has the very latest in glazing technology to ensure the building is warm in winter and cool in the summer. With the space being a hub for afternoon activities it was essential that employees felt comfortable whilst enjoying their lunch therefore a specialist climate control system has been cleverly designed into the internal clinging perimeter around the lanterns.




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