Hardwood Conservatory

The client briefing was to replace the existing timber conservatory that was leaking and rotten with a new detailed hardwood conservatory.
Fairly simple of first impression, however we had to do so without disrupting an 80 year grape vine which the client had been caring for since taking ownership of the property.

Specialist Arboricultural/Vine Impact Assessments had to be carried out and a very precise method of works had to be established to ensure the conservatory could be demolished and the new structure erected without killing the highly sensitive producing vine.

The method was followed to the letter of the report, with our scaffolding team installing the temporary support structure to hang the vine in the exact position that it was in the old conservatory prior to the demolition commencing.

The vine was attached to the structure and the old building removed.
The ground works were undertaken by hand to ensure the roots could be identified and protected during excavations as well as the vine.

Prior to completing the foundations, the root system was protected to ensure the vine could continue to develop and move.

The conservatory had to be specially fabricated to allow installation of the new hardwood frame to take place around the vine.  Frames were designed to be assembled on site around the trunk.

Each roof rafter was spaced and positioned so fixing points would be identical to that of the building that was being removed for the vines to be attached.

Specialist glass was installed to ensure the best possible growing conditions were maintained with the new environment.

The result, a beautiful new hardwood conservatory to accommodate an 80 year old producing vine and one very happy, proud vine owner.

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