There is a lot to enjoy about Autumn, the falling leaves, ripening fruit and the first frost of the year, to name a few. Observing the changing seasons from the comfort of your luxury orangery is an unparalleled experience, and orangeries are one of the most versatile spaces in the home that can be enjoyed all year around.

Orangeries were first developed in the 17th century as fashionable and decadent structures to protect citrus fruit trees from the winter chill. Over the years, they have developed into attractive, adaptable areas that have many potential uses, including as an area to dine, entertain, or simply relax in.

Orangeries are typically made of more substantial materials than traditional glass conservatories, making them a perfect setting to relax in when the nights start to draw in. The typical lantern roof design and solid structure helps preserve heat, while glass features such as the roof and large windows provide an abundance of natural light.

We’ve put together some useful tips to ensure you get the most out of your orangery this Autumn.

Enjoy the Outdoors – Indoors

Orangeries provide homeowners with the opportunity to connect with their gardens, while remaining protected from the temperamental British weather. Orangeries typically feature multiple large windows and are normally built overlooking the garden, so owners can enjoy observing nature and wildlife without having to brave the elements.

Many homeowners still choose to decorate their orangeries with plants, flowers and small trees, which is a great way of combining the indoor and outdoor worlds. Geraniums, fuchsia and begonias are all examples of popular flowering plants that are able to thrive both indoors and outdoors.

Ensure your Orangery is Heated Effectively

Another important consideration for your orangery in the Autumn is to ensure your heating system is effective. If your orangery is unable to conserve heat effectively, you will risk unnecessarily high heating bills, as well as have an unwelcomingly chilly orangery.

A simple and inexpensive way of ensuring your orangery is kept snug in cool weather is to check for any areas where draughts may be able to enter and sealing these efficiently. Draught excluders and correctly sealed windows can ensure warmth is kept within the home.

Investing in high-quality glazing will guarantee your orangery remains well insulated. Double and triple-glazed windows will ensure heat loss is kept to a minimum and will assist in reducing your carbon emissions. Specially glazed glass panes known as ‘insulating glass’ are filled with pockets of air or an alternate gas to reduce heat transmission.

Some owners choose to install underfloor heating within their orangeries, which allows them to quickly and effectively heat the area without compromising on space. Radiators are an alternative mode of heating which are quick and simple to install.

Redecorate the Interior of your Orangery

Changing the interior of your orangery to coincide with the changing season is a satisfying endeavour which will inspire you to spend as much time in it as possible.

In the Spring and Summer, many people favour wicker and bamboo furnishings, but in the Autumn and Winter, substantial armchairs and sofas may be more suitable. Laying down rugs is a great way to keep an uncarpeted floor warm, and adding a few cashmere or wool throws in cosy autumn colours can ensure your orangery remains cosy and thoroughly inviting.

Adding some scented candles is an effective way of creating a warming atmosphere in your orangery and good quality curtains or blinds will retain precious heat and allow you to maintain privacy in a lit orangery on dark nights.

There is a general consensus that orangeries and conservatories are typically only enjoyed in the warmer months, but this is not the case. Whether you decide to throw a cosy supper party, or relax with a hot mug of coco while watching the stars, make sure you put your orangery to good use this Autumn.