Once you’ve made the decision to enhance your home with a bespoke orangery, you may feel overwhelmed at the impending design choices you suddenly face. As the orangery is perceived as the ultimate luxury home extension, you will want to ensure your orangery possesses the right level of style and panache to make it the focal point of your home. From inception to delivery, Auburn Hill’s dedicated design team will be on hand to provide advice and support when required, to insure designing your orangery is a fun and exciting process.

Get Inspired

There are many different ways to find inspiration for your orangery design. You may have already visited an exquisite orangery in the home of a friend and neighbour, or noticed an advert in a homes and interiors magazine and have an idea in mind.

The internet provides a wealth of ideas, and photo galleries on orangery websites showcase the designs and features that others have incorporated into their orangeries. Websites like Pinterest and Dwelling Gawker can be helpful in providing design ideas, and you can even download mobile apps that create virtual conservatories and orangeries in 3D.

Visiting a showroom is a visual way of making your orangery concept come to life. Showrooms demonstrate an abundance of products and materials to assist you in envisaging how your orangery will look upon completion. Auburn Hill’s showroom is located in the village of Ketton, close to the picturesque stone town of Stamford.

A good exercise to assist you in designing your perfect orangery is to come up with a few words that accurately describe the style of your home. For example, if you describe your house as ‘stylish, modern and luxurious’, you will want your orangery to reflect this.  However, orangeries can also differ considerably in design from the rest of the house, and by tastefully juxtaposing the style of the main building, you can create an orangery that stands out, yet still compliments the rest of your home.

Think Practically

One of the major influences in designing your orangery will be deciding what your orangery space will be used for. Orangeries are highly versatile, and people use them as a family space, a room to entertain in, a dining room, as a kid’s play area and even to house an indoor swimming pool.

You should start by conducting a thorough analysis of your surroundings. Assess the amount of space you have available, and then make a decision on the size of your orangery. If you have a favourite view from your home or garden, you will wish to locate your orangery to face it. Similarly, positioning your orangery correctly so that it receives optimum daylight is important for enjoying the sunshine on bright days.

You will also need to decide which materials you would like your orangery to be constructed from. Hardwood, aluminium and PVCu are all popular choices, however Auburn Hill also specialise in contemporary orangeries, meaning you can create an orangery that is totally unique to you.

Make your Vision a Reality

A dedicated designer will help you to design and create your perfect orangery. Auburn Hill’s in-house team provide detailed blueprints and 3D visualisation so you can work together to create every detail of your orangery. An initial on-site design consultation is also complementary at Auburn Hill, so you can assess light and space considerations from the very first stage.

The time taken to construct an orangery differs from one project to the next, but an average build takes approximately 8 weeks to complete. More ambitious projects can take longer, but Auburn Hill strives to consult you at every stage, so the completed product is always a result of your combined vision and expertise.

Plan for the Future

Designing the right orangery for your home can significantly increase the value of your overall property, but only if adequate diligence is applied in the design and consultation phase. Using quality materials and selecting an eye catching design will ensure your orangery is an asset to your home, and if you decide to sell at a later date it will be the unique selling point of your property.