At AH Bespoke we are dedicated to ensure our clients’ needs are fully catered for during the process of creating and building a bespoke orangery.

We have a team of talented designers who are passionate about designing the finest orangery garden rooms, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that our team of professionals have the experience to take care of every detail.

To explain further an Orangery is a traditional adaptation to the home and is very different in both design and construction to that of a conservatory. An orangery is seen as the ultimate luxury home extension which comes with a glazed lantern as the centre feature of the structure with a flat roof surround featuring down lights in the ceiling and a stylish external orangery fascia. This creates a softer interior room ambiance and a style that is more sympathetic to many heritage properties.

At AH Bespoke we are more than happy to work alongside your architect if you wish for your orangery to be created as part of collaboration with another organisation. Rest assured you will receive all certification and warranties upon completion of your orangery.

You can get closer to AH Bespoke’s luxurious designs by visiting our showroom in the village of Ketton Rutland near Stamford. By viewing our showroom built designs in person you can get a much better idea of what AH Bespoke can offer while you gain useful inspiration for your own creative orangery ideas.

We also encourage you to visit our online gallery where you can browse through our previous orangery projects from around the UK, and if you’d like a further exploration of the designs that AH Bespoke can offer, please request a free brochure featuring many of our recent orangery designs, as well as other bespoke structures such as conservatories, verandas, and house extensions.

If you would like to speak to us for more information, or request a complimentary design consultation at your home, please call us, or request a design consultation.


Your very own MODERN CLASSIC

Orangeries were introduced into British society back in the 17th century, Originating from the Italian Renaissance Gardens.  A distinguished household would have built an orangery as a place where the citrus trees could flourish that had been imported from exotic locations around the world. The prestige of these adaptations is still felt today, as no matter the size or scale they offer an element of grandeur.

Modern Orangeries are now used for much more than plant hibernation and offer a stunning extension to the family home that can enhance your lifestyle. Whether you want to enjoy your own home or see the adaptation as an investment, our bespoke orangeries can provide a peaceful retreat with a comfortable environment, unaffected by the ever changing seasons. Traditionally orangeries were built mainly in timber however design has moved on and can also have a contemporary feel with large door openings.

The team at AH Bespoke will make your dream orangery become a reality thanks to the unique approach we have to all areas of the design and build process. Your dedicated on site installation team will ensure that this remains a smooth and hassle-free undertaking.

The process for planning your orangery will begin with a complimentary design consultation at your home to determine the size, style, shape and choice of material for your new orangery. Following this we will begin creating the design plans for your approval and offer a quote for our service. The design service process usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks starting from the first consultation visit to final creation including architectural drawings and coloured visuals.

What NEXT?

Why not take a look at some of our other orangery projects to help you decide which style is right for you and your home.

A visit to our showroom in the village of Ketton, Rutland can give you a much better idea of what AH Bespoke can offer while you also gain useful inspiration for your own creative orangery ideas


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