Hardwood Orangeries

Every client is different, and so every orangery needs individual attention to the specifics of its own design. Such careful consideration is vital, and Auburn Hill’s team of expert designers will consider every possible factor involved in both the design and build process, while keeping you informed of all necessary undertakings that arise during your orangery’s creation. No important decisions will ever be made without your complete approval.

We always begin any home structure project with a thorough design consultation. This is where we decide on the basics of what your orangery will entail, such as the style and Aluminium Orangeries. This is vital in allowing us to ensure that the finished structure suits the rest of your home while staying loyal to your original design.

During this process you will be able to converse with our professional team to communicate any concerns you have, all of which will be dealt with directly and explained to you thoroughly.

Our extensive design and build experience has given us the knowledge and expertise to work with a range of natural building materials, including many varieties of hardwood. A popular choice of orangery material is oak, which makes for a structure providing a wonderfully tranquil space linking your home to the natural surroundings of the garden, generating a timeless British aesthetic in the process.

Of course the design specifics of your existing property will also need be taken into account to guarantee that the orangery and your home perfectly complement each other in appearance.

Hardwood orangeries of all kinds have the ability to generate an aesthetic reminiscent of 19th century European orangeries, as well as the early 20th century orangeries of Victorian Britain. In fact, an orangery looks much like a piece of classical architecture and it works particularly well when incorporated onto the property of an official UK government listed building.

Auburn Hill has a vast amount of experience when it comes to designing and building orangeries for inclusion on UK listed buildings, having worked on orangeries of all sizes and styles.

Over the years Auburn Hill has worked at length with UK councils to gain planning permission and receive land-owner consent to introduce bespoke orangeries onto existing buildings. Many of these projects were for high profile listed buildings of cultural heritage.

This means that our customers won’t have to worry about having to make contact with official organisations independently and can leave all those annoying little planning details to us, as Auburn Hill will always take care of all areas of planning permission to make certain that your orangery remains within the law of UK building requirements.

You can see examples of the orangeries that Auburn Hill have produced when you browse through our online Orangery Design Gallery which contains many of our finest bespoke designs.

You are also encouraged to pay a visit the Auburn Hill’s company showroom in the village of Ketton near Stamford. Here you can see a range of beautiful orangery designs that the company has previously created. Here you will also have the chance to gain valuable inspiration for your own orangery design plans.

If you have any questions about the best means of building an orangery on your property, or wish to arrange a complimentary design consultation of your home, please get in touch to speak with a designer who will deal with your enquiries at a time of your convenience.

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