Building a new swimming pool room to enclose an external swimming pool is a very considered extension with many potential pitfalls for the purchaser. By using inexperienced design and build companies it could quickly become a nightmare purchase so be sure to employ the services of experts for this expensive venture as sound engineering solutions for pool rooms is not a low cost option.

Firstly the foundations take on a totally different engineering test which are often looked at in regards the pool depth required and the closeness of the pool to the edge of the foundations, and may require a piled foundation and will always require a structural engineers input.

When it comes to the glazed superstructure the first hurdle to look at is the problems with ventilation which has to be addressed as high humidity and condensation is a potential nightmare. Taking that into consideration ventilation and climate control is an essential part of this design and build project that cannot be overlooked.

Our designers have extensive experience in designing swimming pool rooms that encompass the nature of this space to make it feel just as much a part of the home as it does to the great outdoors. We realise that a building a new pool house extension however small is a significant investment so it has to be right.

We are one of the most sought after designers of pool houses in the UK and we have built up an impressive portfolio of designs and projects. Please take a look at our gallery for our impressive body previous work, or if you’d like to speak to a designer, why not request a call back?

Your very own MODERN CLASSIC

At AH Bespoke, we will employ innovative design solutions and a choice of materials to come up with bespoke pool rooms that are a focal point of your property, whilst remaining respectful to the original architecture.

Whether you’re looking for a modern design, or a solution that will stay in keeping with a more historic home, we have the skills and expertise to help you create the pool house of your dreams. Available in a variety of materials we ensure that the final build compliments your home completely. A multi-seasonal room, your pool house will offer you the chance to enjoy a relaxing swim no matter the weather outside.

What NEXT?

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A visit to our showroom in the village of Ketton, Rutland can give you a much better idea of what AH Bespoke can offer while you also gain useful inspiration for your own creative orangery ideas


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