When deciding you want to extend your home you probably have an idea of what you want to achieve from your build. It may be to add an extra room to your home or to expand an existing room you already have.  Whatever your reasoning, it’s likely you have a vision. Even if you don’t have a vision though, you don’t need to worry as at AH Bespoke we will advise you on your build every step of the way.

We operate across design, build and specification which means our process is completely seamless in its approach to help you realise and build your dream. Our clear build programme leaves no room for building hiccups as we can ensure the whole process is managed from start to finish by our expert team.

To help you understand our process a bit better, we’ve put together a guide on what you can expect from us from your first initial contact to your finished orangery or conservatory.

The Initial Stages

After you’ve made your initial contact with us (be it over the phone, email, website or brochure) we will arrange a meeting with yourself on site, so that we can meet with you and discuss your requirements.

We call this our fact finding stage. The more information you give us, the more seamless the whole process will be. We need to know everything about your current home to help us draw up the plans for your build. This includes finding out whether your building has any set regulations or if it’s listed, the current size, material and form. We need whatever information you can give us it will most certainly be useful when we come to the design and briefing stage.

Following this we then develop our design drawings, including size and materials to be used along with an estimate. We then present this to you at our next meeting. Providing you have given us enough information in our initial meeting then we are often able to do all of this after just one consultation. However, we are always available for as many meetings as you require to help ensure your build plans are perfect.

We will also sort all of the legalities surrounding your build too. This means that you don’t need to find an external party to arrange planning permission or any other consents that may be required before your build commences.

Anything to do with building specifications – base plans, electrics, engineering etc. – is also organised on site by ourselves.

Finalising The Design and Contractors

Once you’ve signed off on the design and build plans, we then get set to work putting in place the appropriate contractors and specifiers to build your orangery or conservatory.

The blueprints from your designs are then sent on to all ground workers – anyone involved in building your final design. This could include carpenters, glazers or builders who then put into motion their practices to ensure they are on site for their allotted role in the build.

As we focus our attention on ensuring the blueprints are as detailed as possible, this relinquishes the need for an onsite manager. Your plans will include everything from what flooring you’ve chosen to where your plug points are to be placed.

There should be no area or room for concern as our plans will be as detailed as they can possibly be. Our process means we have complete control over the whole process from the design, specification and build.

On average a build takes around 8 weeks, however larger projects can take between 14-16 weeks. Once you’ve had your initial consultation and finalised a design concept you should have a clearer idea of timescales.

Our way of working means that we can put bespoke items into manufacturing and production before the build has begun, which means that teams aren’t left waiting around on site for items to arrive throughout the build.

Throughout your build we are on hand every step of the way. We wear all hats so to speak, so you can rest assured that your dream orangery or conservatory can be achieved by us.