A veranda is a roofed, partially open structure that extends out from the front or side of a property. It often has a railing and is supported structurally by pillars.

The word veranda derives from India and means ‘a place that leads to outside’.  Many homeowners position their veranda so it leads directly outdoors from the house so they can comfortably enjoy their garden all year round.

There are many reasons to consider installing a veranda. They are highly versatile structures that can greatly enhance the aesthetic of your property. We have collated some of the best ways people put their verandas to good use and why you should consider making a veranda an elegant addition to your home.

To Enjoy Your Garden

The function of covered outdoor structures mean that users can enjoy the outdoors whilst remaining protected from the temperamental British elements. Verandas combine the best of both worlds by providing shade on hot days and wind protection when it is cooler. As they do not have panelled walls, they do not become stuffy in the summer heat. Many people abandon their gardens in the latter half of the year from Autumn to Spring, but with protection from the elements this doesn’t have to be the case.

In the warmer months, verandas can make a great space to barbeque under without worrying about the threat of rain. When the nights start to draw in, your veranda can be kept cosy with the addition of heat lamps, candles or a chimenea. Adding a few cosy knitted throws to your outdoor furniture makes seating comfier and your family and guests can stay wrapped up warm when the sun goes down.

If you are a parent and your children enjoy playing in the garden, a veranda provides the perfect setting to sit out on and watch them enjoy the garden while maintaining peace of mind. It also creates the perfect sheltered space for kids to complete play activities in without creating a mess in the home.

To Entertain In

There are many different styles of veranda, ranging from traditional models with columns and a glazed roof to more modern, contemporary designs with features such as sliding panels and folding doors. Auburn Hill verandas can be custom-made to the client so they perfectly compliment the features of your home.

A veranda creates a visually impressive space to dine in or entertain guests, and is a stunning talking point. A veranda is a stylish setting to host visitors for a casual supper or a garden party. On balmy evenings, a veranda is a stunning platform simply to relax in with a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Affordable Luxury

A veranda may be the perfect option if you require a home extension but are seeking an affordable alternative to an orangery or conservatory.

Installing a veranda creates an attractive vista, and means homeowners do not have to compromise on garden space. A veranda is the perfect solution if you require an outdoor seating area but don’t wish to compromise on garden space.

Verandas are also comparatively quick to construct and Auburn Hill’s dedicated team can install a beautiful structure efficiently without disrupting your daily routine. That said, all verandas are bespoke to the client, and we strive to consult the homeowner at every stage of the process from conception to completion.

To Enhance Your Home

Adding a veranda creates additional living space which subsequently adds significant value to your property. Should you ever decide to sell your home, a veranda can be the unique selling point that sets you apart from others.

Verandas visually enhance any property and improve the general aesthetic of your home. If your veranda is positioned as a porch, it can create an impressive first impression on those arriving at your house.

If you do decide to invest in a veranda, Auburn Hill are committed to supporting and assisting you every step of the way.